PNH Solutions Embarks on a New Green Initiative

PNH Solutions Acquires Green Large Format Printing Technology!

PNH Solutions has recently taken steps to become one of the most environmentally friendly Large Format Printers in North America. The brand new HP 3000 L printer uses a new generation of latex inks, which when combined with certain new print substrates, will provide a truly overall green solution. The inks are Ecologo certified to UL 2801 serving to demonstrate that an ink meets a range of stringent criteria related to human health and environmental considerations. These inks are also Greenguard Children and Schools certified. Prints also meet ArgBB criteria and are rated A+ according to Emissions Dans L’air.

Best of all, PNH Solutions has a partnership with HP, which allows them to recycle all of their supplies associated with this printing process (ink containers and certain printed substrates including off-cuts and waste). PNH Solutions’ clients will have the possibility of returning those print jobs, no longer in use, directly to HP to be responsibly recycled. It’s a simple and free process and something PNH Solutions encourages all of its clients to participate in.

Being green doesn’t mean compromising on high print quality. Capable of printing on media up to 126” wide, the HP L 3000’s 6 color print heads fire 70,000 nozzles to produce a wider color gamut than the majority of latest generation large format printers on the market, at up to 1200 dpi. The inks are rated by HP for durability (scratch resistance) and 5 years indoor/ 3 years continued use outdoor durability and versatility across all common media types used in sign and display applications.

Already a leader in green dye sublimation prints of incomparable quality using recyclable polyesters and water-based dispersed dye inks, PNH Solutions is substantially broadening its green capabilities with this latest acquisition.

From start to finish, PNH Solutions takes its engagement to the environment seriously, which is why they are excited to take this next step in providing responsible, sustainable products and services to their clients. Choosing PNH Solutions means choosing a better world for future generations and the very best solutions for displaying your brand.



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