Backlit Fabric Banners & Light Boxes

With a frameless appearance, our SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) Fabric Frame and Lightbox allow you to display your custom artwork in a modern and innovative way, in an indoor or even from an outdoor environment. With a silicone edge, the fabric panel can be installed into the recessed groove of the aluminum frame, both easily and quickly. As the fabric panels can be replaced from one campaign to another, these products are a long-lasting and cost-effective marketing solution.

While the SEG Fabric Frame is front-lit, the SEG Fabric Lightbox (otherwise referred to as a backlit banner or lightbox frame) can be either backlit or edge-lit. All models can be standing, hanging, ceiling or wall-mounted. They can also be single or double-sided. With fully custom sizes, configurations and finishing options available, they offer unlimited possibilities and a unique way to express your brand personality.

We design and manufacture SEG Fabric Frames and Lightboxes from our production facility in Montreal, Québec and ship them anywhere in the world. We print the fabric panels, on a specific light-diffusing backlit fabric, sew the silicone edges and make the frames in-house. As UL-certified products, they meet all the necessary safety standards established in the industry. Made-to-measure, the turnaround time varies based on the complexity and volume of your project. Contact us today for a free quote!

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