8 Best Custom-Branded Marketing Products for Outdoor Events in the Summer

Happy Summer Solstice!

With the beginning of summer, comes the beginning of outdoor events: concerts in the park, music and art festivals, sporting events, farmers markets, outdoor BBQs and many, many more.

Whether you are looking to engage with past, present and prospective clients or launch a new product or service, custom-branded marketing products are great tools that will help you stand out and make a lasting impression.

For outdoor events, you will need event marketing products that are lightweight, compact and modular, so that you can easily bring them from one area to the next and set them up quickly once you arrive on site. You will also need products that are durable, with heavy-duty hardware and UV resistant and water-repellent print media/inks, so that you can depend on them, no matter the circumstances – rain or shine.

Below, we have compiled our 8 best custom-branded event marketing products for outdoor events in the summer:

1- Nova Hex Canada Series Tent Frame

With cast aluminum connectors and heavy-duty structural aluminum leg and trusses extrusions, the Nova Hex Canada Series Tent Frame is recognized for being the most robust pop-up tent on the market. Capable of withstanding extreme weather, multiple setups, and takedowns, marketing agencies rely on it for their most extensive indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns. With clip-on wheels and a carry bag, it can easily be brought from one location to another.

The Nova Hex Canada Series Tent Frame is available in a 10′ x 10′ size. It also has adjustable height settings from the ground to the bottom of valence: 72”, 76”, 80” and 84”. The Nova Hex Canada Series Tent Frame comes with clip-on wheels for the legs and a carry bag.

With custom printed, dye sublimated fabric tent tops, back walls, side walls, and rail skirts, with your brand name, logo, and images, the Nova Hex Canada Series Tent Frame is the ideal way to promote your products and services.

The best part, it is made in Canada, from our fully-integrated production facility in Montreal.

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We also have other tents: The Classic Series Tent and the Marquee Tent. The Classic Series Tent is available in 5′ x 5′, 10′ x 10′, 10′ x 15′ and 10′ x 20’sizes.

2- Superdome

With its eye-catching shape & customizable features, the Superdome allows you to promote your brand’s name & services in a unique, innovative way. Fabricated out of commercial grade aluminum, its frame is designed to withstand the harshest elements. In windy conditions, a heavy-duty anchoring system can also be used to achieve extra stability. The Superdome fabric is 100% water resistant, fire retardant & Uv coated.

The Superdome is available in 3 sizes, 10’, 20’ and 30′, and includes the frame, fabric cover, ground stakes & ropes, foot pads, carrying bag & a set-up kit (assembly instructions, gloves, a hex wrench and drop cloth). The Superdome can be linked together and have customizable accessories like Visors and Sidewalls to help further establish your brand name and image.

With large scale openings (up to 9m (30′) wide and 2.6m (8.8′) high) and an uncluttered clear-span design, it is a perfect place for your brand activation. Once inside, there are no visible structural bars, which helps to create a spacious and comfortable area.

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We also have other domes: the Umbrella Dome, Star Dome the PNH Air Tent.

3- 3D ObjeX 

3D ObjeX is a made-to-measure and custom-branded 3D replica of a product. As a fun & innovative marketing tool, it can be used to dress up your booth or as a photo booth prop. Made of coroplast ribbing and covered with a printed fabric cover, 3D ObjeX is compact, lightweight, portable & easy to assemble.

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4- Flexi Flag

With its modular, heavy-duty plastic flagpole, a string, heavy base and custom printed, dye-sublimated fabric, the Flex Flags is both lightweight and durable. With its carry bag, you can bring it anywhere and set it up at the entrance or exit of your event, in your brand activation or next to your pop-up shop.

The Flexi Flag is available in different sizes: 3′, 5′, 9′, 13′, and includes a dye-sublimated flag, a modular pole system (pole, joiners, inserts), heavy-duty base and a carry bag. (Weights sold separately)

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We also have different flag models: the Backpack Flag, the Sail Flag, the Promo Flag the Blade Flag. We also offer Custom Flags!

In 2018, in a continuing effort to provide the best products at the best price, we found ways to reduce the prices of our Flexi Flags, Sail Flags and Blade Flags, without compromising quality.

5- Neptune Outdoor Retractable Banner Stand

Made of aluminum and heavy-duty plastic, the Neptune Outdoor Retractable Banner Stand has a base that fills with water or sand that help it stay securely and steadily in place. As a modular product, it can be assembled and disassembled, both easily and quickly, and brought from one area to the next with a carry case on wheels.

The Neptune Outdoor Retractable Banner Stand is 31-1/2″ W x 79″ H and includes a carry case on wheels. You can choose to have 1 or 2 vinyl banners.

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We also offer another retractable banner stand that can be used outdoors: the Outdoor X-Stand.

6- Flexi Sign

Lightweight, compact and self-standing, the Flexi Sign is a flexible marketing solution. Bring it anywhere and set it up in a matter of seconds.

The Flexi Sign is available in different shapes (horizontal, vertical, tower and shaker) of varying sizes and includes a carry bag. Choose to have 1, 2 or 3 panels with your custom graphics.

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7- Mesh Banner

As a lightweight, perforated material, air is able to flow through the Mesh Banner, rather than against it. With a reduced sail-effect, your custom graphics are able to remain visible throughout your event. Mesh Banner is ideal for stage banners or backdrops.

We offer two different print medias for your Mesh Banner: one with 30-70 mesh weave, where 30% of the surface area is taken up by the material and 70% by the holes, and another with a 30-70 mesh weave, where 30% of the surface area is taken up by the material and 70% by the holes.

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We also offer vinyl banners, fabric banners, and rigid signs.

8- Fully custom product

Last but not least, if you are looking for something unique or have a design in mind, PNH Solutions can help you design, build, print, assemble and install a fully custom product. Beyond our large format printing platforms, we also have departments dedicated to wood, electrical and metal work. With fully-integrated production facilities, in Montreal and Toronto, we are able to oversee every step of production to offer the best product and service possible.

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Beyond these products, we also have a wide selection of others that are also lightweight, modular and durable, like sampling tables, umbrellas and fence covers that can also be used as event marketing products.

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