Custom-Printed Signage and Custom-Made Solutions Help Businesses Reopen Safely

With many businesses forced to close temporarily due to Covid-19, PNH Solutions was determined to help them reopen with what it knows best: custom-printed signage and custom-made solutions.

Below, we have compiled the top 8 products that have helped businesses create a safe environment for their employees and guests, by encouraging social distancing and other public health guidelines.

1- Window Adhesives

Whether single or double-sided, window adhesives help businesses communicate the health & safety rules at the entrance of their stores to their customers, before they enter.

Tip: Need help choosing a message? We have a wide selection of messages available!

2- Automatic or Manual Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

Encourage your guests to sanitize their hands with either an automatic or a manual hand sanitizer dispenser stand when they walk in. While the automatic one includes a touchless dispenser, the manual pump one can hold a dispenser hand sanitizer bottles up to 4” W x 3.5” D.

Tip: For busy entrances, we recommend the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stands, as it holds 1 liter of hand sanitizer, which is enough for 500 pumps. Refill it close to 3 times using our hand sanitizer, sold separately in 1 gallon bottles.

3- Vinyl Floor Decals

Like window adhesives, our vinyl floor decals are a helpful tool to encourage visitors to respect public health guidelines. Use them on wood, cement, or carpet & add an anti-slip lamination.

Tip: Take away the guesswork & chose from our wide selection of standard messages! While arrows encourage guests to follow a given direction, others promote social distancing.

4- Wall Adhesives

Wall adhesives throughout your business help remind guests to follow health and safety rules.

Tip: For bathrooms, add a dry-erase lamination to change the maximum capacity as public health guidelines change.


5- Counter shields

To reduce cross-contamination, our counter shields are popular for the reception, ticket sales, food, and drink counters. Made-to-measure, we typically use 38” H aluminum uprights and acrylic shields. Using very high bonding (VHB) tape, they are easy to install & don’t require drilling into your counter.

Tip: To easily pass money, food or beverages from one side of the counter to the other, ask us to make an opening in the shield.


6- Table Dividers

Our table dividers allow you to use your tables to their full capacity. With a black powder-coated aluminum base and a polycarbonate (Lexan) shield, they offer the necessary protection for your guests to safely sit side-by-side. While we have two standard sizes available, 48” W x 24” H and 54″ W x 24″ H, we can also make table dividers according to your exact requirements.

The base is available with either a clamp-on mechanism for a temporary installation or high-bonding (VHB) tape for a semi-permanent installation.

Tip: Add an anti-graffiti lamination to easily remove any unwanted writing or drawings.


7- Bathroom Counter & Urinal Dividers

Bathroom line-ups are long enough already. Our bathroom counter & urinal dividers allow you to safely use your lavatories to their full capacity. Made-to-measure using alu-panels and black powder-coated bases, our Bathroom Counter & Urinal Dividers are both fast & easy to install using very high bonding (VHB) tape.

Tip: Personalize them with your brand name or logo printed directly on the dividers or on adhesive vinyl.

8- Reusable Fabric Face Mask

Last but not least, our reusable fabric face masks are the most important tool to help your business reopen safely. Combined with our non-woven polypropylene filter (available with the Deluxe and Premium models), our reusable fabric face masks remove 99.467% of airborne particles greater than .1 of 1 micron in size. Compared to disposable masks of similar quality, they are both a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. Unlike others, they can include your brand name, logo or message.

Tip: Chose 3 models (Basic, Deluxe and Premium) available at different price points.

More than ever, we believe the right products can inspire the best actions. In the context of Covid-19, custom-printed signage and custom-made solutions can inform your guests on the best health and safety practices to encourage them to maintain a safe environment.

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