PNH Solutions Completes Main Scenic Element for Exhibit in France


PNH Solutions completed the print and hardware portion of the main scenic element that was part of the new temporary exhibit at the Juno Beach Center, in Courceulles-sur-Mer, in France. Entitled ‘From Vimy to Juno: Remembering Canadians in France,’ the exhibit retraces the contribution of Canadian soldiers in France during both world wars and how their memory has been honoured since 1914. The main scenic element in itself is a monument that honors the 52 022 Canadian soldiers that passed away and that were buried in France during both those conflicts.

Scope of Work

PNH Solutions was mandated to develop both the structural design and the manufacturing process and to manage all aspects of production of the main scenic element. As it had to be shipped abroad by a maritime container, PNH Solutions improved its original design, so that it could be installed easily. Made of square stainless steel sections and covered with printed dye sublimated tension fabric, the piece, measuring 16 feet long x 16 feet high x 8 feet wide, was built, printed, preassembled and dismantled in PNH Solutions’ warehouse in Montreal.


As a modular structure, PNH Solutions had to be sure that the measurements of each stainless steel square section and of each printed tension fabric panel were exact. Moreover, as the structure had to be installed in a complex volumetric space, between large, wooden beams, PNH Solutions completed a 3D drawing of the structure and the exhibit hall to make sure that it could be incorporated into the designated space.


Due to the design, the selection of materials, the quality of the manufacturing process and the close attention to detail during all stages of production, PNH Solutions successfully completed the main scenic element of the exhibit. Once it arrived in France, the structure was unpackaged and installed both easily and quickly. With its complex and original form, the piece played an important role in captivating and informing the public on the role of the Canadians soldiers in both world wars and how their memory has been honoured in France.


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