Techno Fabric Withstands 800 lbs of Tension

At first glance, techno would not appear to be of substantial strength because of its lightweight, thin and perforated construction. However, contrary to how it may seem, it is a material that is both strong and durable. Popular as an outdoor banner, stage backdrop or as projection screen, techno is a material of choice for those that are looking to display their brand message or to add a scenic element to their events.

PNH Solutions, a large format print specialist based in Montreal and Toronto, has been offering this fabric extensively throughout the years as a print media. Recently, PNH Solutions produced outdoor banners and stage backdrops made of techno for the 2015 Pan Am Games, as well as the 2016 and 2017 Invictus Games. PNH Solutions also used the material to supply a modular stage backdrop for the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Moreover, PNH Solutions has used this fabric to complete projection screens for the best multimedia companies in the industry that are recognized for their creativity and innovation.

In early 2018, PNH Solutions conducted a series of stress tests to study its durability. From its fully-integrated production facility, PNH Solutions tensioned a 20’ W x 20’ H piece of printed fabric, with reinforced webbing, with 800 lbs. Afterwards, while keeping the tension, the company made slits in the corners of the fabric with a razor knife where the stress points were the greatest.

With 5 sails, measuring up to 19’ W x 20.4’ H, these techno panels are going to be used as projection screen for an art installation in Japan. As they are going to be set up outdoors, in an area subject to heavy winds and possible tears from fallen branches, PNH Solutions wanted to be sure that the material would be able to withstand difficult conditions and remain intact for the duration of the installation.

The results of the tests were extremely positive, if not outright surprising. Despite the extreme tension, the printed techno panel remained undamaged throughout the panel and where the slits were made. Due to its rip stop construction, the slits in the fabric panel did not become larger.

Beyond its strength and durability, techno is a lightweight material that can be brought from one area or venue to the next, without ever creating any creases or folds in the fabric. While it is a perforated material, techno offers sharp and vibrant images with almost 100% bleed-through of colors. As it is made entirely of polyester and accepts water-based inks, it is recyclable or reusable as tote bags; and to that extent, it is a green alternative to a popular, yet wasteful media: vinyl mesh.

Indeed, there is more to techno than meets the eye; it is a heavy-duty material that doesn’t compromise print quality or the environment. Rather than vinyl mesh, consider techno for your next event, as a banner, a scenic backdrop or even as a projection screen.



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