The Oasis International Marathon de Montréal Opts for Durable and Reusable Event Marketing Products

Montreal, QC, Canada – September 24, 2018: PNH Solutions supplied the 2018 Oasis International Marathon de Montréal with durable and reusable event marketing products. More than a hundred Flexi Flags, 8,230 sq. ft. of Vinyl Mesh Banners for the stages and the start/finish line; multiple Fabgraphics Media Walls and Fitted Table Covers; PNH Solutions also manufactured 20 Nova Hex Canada Series Tent Frames at its production facility in Dorval, Quebec.

While the 28th edition of the Oasis International Marathon de Montréal included an elite category for the marathon and five brand-new routes, the sporting event also incorporated more environmentally-conscious practices, like replacing plastic water bottles with water tanks and biodegradable water cups.

Committed to reducing the Oasis International Marathon de Montréal carbon footprint, the event chose PNH Solutions’ event marketing products and particularly, the Nova Hex 10’ x 10’ Canada Series Tent Frames, as they are locally-made, durable products.

While other pop-up tent frames on the market use plastic parts that tend to break easily, the Nova Hex Canada Series Tent Frame is made of cast aluminum connectors and heavy-duty aluminum legs and truss connectors As a result, it is capable of withstanding extreme weather, multiple setups and takedowns.

With custom digitally printed tent tops, Nova Hex Canada Series Frame offered the Oasis International Marathon de Montréal the opportunity to strengthen their brand name, promote their sponsor and provide meeting points.

As the Oasis International Marathon de Montréal will be able to reuse these products, PNH Solutions was able to provide both environmentally-conscious products and cost-effective marketing solutions for this years’ event and for many others to come.





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