Why Does a UL Certification Matter for Backlit Fabric Banners & Lightboxes?

Backlit fabric banners & lightboxes are becoming more and more popular as a marketing solution. With LEDs placed along the edge or the back of the frame, these products give brands a competitive edge, as their message is able to stand out in a unique and modern way.

Beyond offering these custom, made-to-measure products, PNH Solutions wanted to ensure that its products were well-made and safe to use in an indoor environment.

Why UL?

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a world leader in product safety testing and certification. As an independent, not-for-profit organization, UL offers unbiased safety assurance to interested parties including manufacturers, like PNH Solutions, and its clients.

In other words, UL is able to ensure the quality and safety of products and materials, through standards and testing procedures.

A UL 48 certification, specifically, refers to electric signs, including backlit fabric banners & lightboxes. With its Canadian branch C – UL, it is recognized throughout the United States & Canada.

How does a UL 48 certification offer credibility?

Through intensive training

In order to ensure that the products are being built safely, a few members of our team had to follow a UL 48 training to understand the proper procedures and possible risks. Afterward, they had to pass the exam.

Strict standards

Before the certification was granted, our team had to then propose a product that met their quality and safety standards. After a few tweaks, our backlit fabric banners & lightboxes (aka SEG Fabric Lightboxes) passed & we received our certification.

Regular, unannounced inspections

A local UL field representative conducts periodic, unannounced, on-site inspections at least four times per year to verify that the products are being built according to their quality and safety standards. In addition, UL verifies that the listing mark is only applied to products that are being built in accordance with the UL requirements.

Through its UL 48 certification, PNH Solutions is able to show its commitment to quality and safety, while offering innovative marketing products. Since receiving its certification, PNH Solutions has completed backlit fabric banners & lightboxes for retail environments, like Best Buys across Canada and Taz Hair Co salons across Ontario,  as well as for trade show booths, like the ones for Maxam and Tin Shack. 

PNH Solutions builds SEG Fabric Lightboxes and prints the visuals on dye-sublimated fabric from its production facility in Montreal, Quebec.


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